Frequently Asked Questions

There is plenty of parking at Brimfield. Parking is cash only and between $10-$20. Some parking lots are in people’s yards and in front of churches a half a mile or more from the actual flea market, but don’t be afraid to drive right to the middle of the show, you’ll find a spot. Early morning is easier.

Most fields do not charge, but some larger shows do have an “opening new field” gate charge of $5-$10 (TBD) to guarantee fresh merchandise. See The Shows page for details.

Whether Brimfield is cash only depends on the vendor and situation. Some are cash-only, while others take Venmo and some will have credit card readers. Parking is cash only, so you’ll at least want to have enough cash on hand to park ($10-$20 will do). There are also a handful of ATMs on site.

Yes, each field is required to have portable bathroom facilities, including handicap accessible facilities. See The Maps page for details.

There are food-trucks galore!! From lobster rolls, to Thai, to BBQ, to taco’s, and desserts. You name it, The Brimfield Shows have it.

  • Dress for anything! New England weather is a fickle friend, sunscreen – sneakers – winter hat – sun hat – umbrella. You can keep what you didn’t need in your car, best to be prepared for all elements in one day!
  • Try and travel light – i.e. pack a small crossbody purse for your phone, water and cash, and leave the rest in the car.
  • Take advantage of courier services. If you find something that’s too large to pack in your car, you can have it shipped. There are on-site shipping and courier services at the fair. See The Maps page for details.
  • Wear comfortable shoes! This isn’t the time to put fashion first. There’s lot of walking, and the fields are actual fields, which means there’s lots of grass and dirt and things to trip over. Sneakers are perfect.
  • Don’t be afraid to negotiate. Some vendors aren’t open to it, but most are. If you love something, give your best offer & see what happens!
  • Bring a few reusable tote bags for smaller items you find while shopping.
  • Atm’s are available, but if you want to avoid the bank fee’s plan ahead. See The Maps page for details.